Euro 2016 Fantasy Football

Cure those post FPL blues with a little summer hit!

Lets face it, nothing compares to the emotion provided by the premier league when playing fantasy football. It has left us all feeling one week like the next Guardiola and then the next closer to the hapless Remi Garde. The May to August months offer a void that millions of FPL managers struggle to fill with generic activities that offer a fraction of the interest, for example spending time with loved ones, exercise and at worst watching the Olympic games (running without a ball?!).

2016 however offers a rare chance to relapse on those withdrawal symptoms with the European Championships fuelling our TV schedules with semi meaningful games we can justify watching all summer. Better still? We can keep doing what we love the most, playing fantasy football!!

The fantasy football surgery will cover the tournament with a series of podcasts this summer to aid you in your selections, redirect your transfer thinking, fill your commute to work or just generally give you something to listen to when everything else on your playlist is exhausted!

The panel will focus on 2 sites and of course have a mini league to offer competition and banter! Will you beat the current top surgeon Parker or will the Beard prove mighty and leave you with the similar taste of disappointment you have already encountered this season? This is the beauty of fantasy football, you WILL come back for more win or lose!

The Mcdonalds fantasy football site can be accessed through the following link:

Once you have signed up join the surgery mini league on: 17237TUK

Another game your may fancy trying your hand at to further fill that deep void within is Fanager

Stay tuned to the website and look out for the first of our Euros podcast on twitter (@ff_surgery) for advice on how to structure your squad, analysis of the big names, uncovering players you may not have considered and how to think with a tournament tactical hat on!


“Do I not like that!!!!!”


To get you started here are 10 tips for set up and basic rules to understand the McDonald’s Euro 2016 fantasy football:

  • Like usual you will manage a squad of 15 and have £100 million to spend
  • You can only have 3 players per country although this quota increases as the tournament progresses into the knockouts
  • You have unlimited transfers until the start of the tournament (10th June), then the usual transfer market applies with one free transfer per game week and a 4 point hit for going over.
  • For those of you who become disheartened after a few group games however, hope is not lost as once you reach the knockout stages the following free transfers apply by stage; Last 16: Unlimited free transfers; Quarters: 4 free transfers; Semis: 6 free transfers; Final: 6 free transfers. Pretty generous in this manager’s opinion and also means tactically you can select based on group games and not have to worry if the team is in it for the long term!
  • To add to the above all managers will receive 1 wildcard to cancel out the cost of any transfers where points are spent on one occasion in the whole tournament!
  • Player prices will change depending on performance after the group stages.
  • Point scoring is similar to the traditional FPL game. Of note earning a penalty however is deemed worthy of 2 points and conceding a penalty a -1.
  • You can play any formation but must have at least 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 2 midfielders and 1 forward selected at any time- should make for some interesting formations!
  • Bench prioritising applies as normal with the highest prioritised player transitioning in for injured/dropped players.

So get yourself signed up, pick a team, join our mini league, then let the panel help guide you through what might have been an average and miserably boring summer! Even the heat despising Iceman is feeling warm and fuzzy about this one!


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