28thEpi – GW2 – Well worth the Mane?

FPL is back and so are the surgeons to run the rule over the first weekend of Premier League action. Did you pick right or were you left bottom dwelling with Bully once more, with a side needing urgent surgical intervention? There is a surprise (so he claims) in store for the Beard as new regular feature Parker’s punishment bares the consequence of the wheel of misfortune! The surgery mini league has started more popular than ever and with the victor gaining the spoils we review our positions and the top listener’s performances of the week. There is a decidedly blue them to the panels pick section with the irresistible Hazard firmly in the thoughts of the team. Do you think the Belgium has turned the corner or are we being seduced once more into his form of two years prior? A shake up was due in our differentials segment and who better than the straight shooting beard to do so! Listen as he explains this new mini league feature and hear who the surgeons think will give you the edge this week. We discuss your tweets as Woodsy scours our Twitter account @ff_surgery for the latest debates in FPL Finally the quiz returns to the dismay of some but joy of most, as the long season of anxiety over who will bare this season’s Cattermole in 2017 begins. All this and the usual trading of niceties and esteem destroying banter! It is officially ON!


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Twitter – @FF_Surgery

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