29thEpi – GW3 – Captain Kun

Twenty ninth episode of the Fantasy Football Surgery Podcast, the surgeons go global as the usual line up minus woodsy and the beard are joined by a special guest in the most unusual of circumstances!

The form of Zlatan Ibrahimovic has raised a huge issue for FPL managers. Those that backed him to bring his brilliance to the BPL can sleep soundly with ready to face Hull. For many though to get him in on this hot streak means cashing in that precious wild card. The panel are divided on this issue of do you/don’t you and the difference in perspective makes for keen listening!

Speaking of keen the differentials mini league is off with a bang and a usual face sits atop the inter pod standings. Find out who the surgeons are calling to make the difference this weekend!

Captains choice draws a somewhat predictable conclusion but not without a few others you may want to punt on to gain ground… Dare you bet against Kun?
Finally we answer your twitter questions and there is a decidedly Everton theme developing in the community, rounded out by Benteke trust debate!
All this and the usual trouble making on the fantasy football surgery podcast… Hawaaay!

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Twitter – @FF_Surgery


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