30thEpi – GW4 – International breaking point – time to wildcard!

Thirtieth episode of the Fantasy Football Surgery Podcast,  a lot can change in a week of FPL, especially on transfer deadline week. Bony and Remy have gone from forgotten squad men to realistic striking options, Sterling from the Euro’s clown to the deadliest attacking midfielder under 9 million value and Sergio Aguero has thrown us all into turmoil at the swing of an arm!


Last week we had the Zlatan wildcard debate. Did you bite and go early? Well if not, this week Kun fuels our discussion over the big international break change up. Do you spread the glorious 13 million coming your way for taking him out or will you be more conservative and plan for a hit free transfer on his return. The surgeons divide to give their perspective and recommend a few alternatives.


Woodsy is back and as usual is blinded by claret and blue bias as he reviews Bilic’s latest signings. A more neutral Parker suggests a big man in blue but will the Iceman’s stats support his theory?


The differential league is taking shape with a few of our shouts coming in for good scores in the last game week. One surgeon however seems to be playing for the win rather than sticking to the principle- poor form that man!


We answer your Twitter questions as Woodsy does his best to manage the sheer volume and his usual day job!


The Iceman’s quiz returns with a familiar face from last season. Ladies and gentleman señor Keith Lemons as spoken!


All this and the usual connection problems as the surgeons turn 30!

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