31stEpi – GW5 – #backinyourbox

Thirty first episode of the Fantasy Football Surgery Podcast, the surgeons are joined by trainee Rhys once more from his travels down under, providing a worthy stand in for the absent Beard and West Ham biased Woodsy. The post wildcard fall out dominates early discussion with a mixture of financially astute and appallingly managed selections. The golden rule here? Let’s just say the 11.30am transfer deadline on a Saturday becomes a real theme!


Panels picks throws up an old argument debated by FPL managers since his arrival in the BPL. Lukaku, brilliant at Sunderland but the ever hanging doubt over his consistency makes the surgeons ponder jumping on the bandwagon. Deadly Diego Costa is also scrutinised as one of the surgeons struggles to tolerate the uncertainty of his temper!


The differential league continues with some great returns for one manager. Stand in Rhys is condemned to his box although offers an interesting alternative to the other panelists!


Captains choice is not as obvious as you may think. Perhaps the most options and dilemmas since the birth of the pod? Who will you select as captain and do you agree with any of our surgeons? Tweet us @ff_surgery and share your views!


Speaking of Twitter, the Iceman takes us through your questions where Tottenham feature heavily. A return to form offensively and defensively against Stoke has us discussing corner king Harry Kane, the mercurial Deli Ali and the consistent Eriksen.


No quiz for you this week in the absence of the regulars but plenty to fill your boots and team selection in this week’s Fantasy Football Surgery Podcast!

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