Post -4pt Hit Disclaimer

There comes a point in everyones’ FPL season when you have to make some tough decisions that have the potential to bite you. Whether to chase an in-form player or drop someone after one too many blanks, there is usually a sacrifice involved to make things fit.

To bring you up to speed with my team, I had an injury crisis in GW3, with 4 players injured, 2 players no longer getting starts for their teams and several seriously underperforming. At this stage my team basically consisted of Ibrahimovic and Agüero providing all my points. Between them they kept me afloat at 850k overall rank.

So, with news of Agüero’s ban, and with a rubbish team in hand, I wildcarded. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Wildcard GW3


All that equals 29pts by the way

As you can see I basically took all the money out of my forwards and put it straight back into my midfield. Looking back the only decision I really regret was choosing Lamela and Defoe over Capoue and Lukaku. However, that was a move I only briefly considered anyway (I didn’t really have much faith in Blankaku). I set this team up so I could roll over my transfer and then swap Sánchez and Defoe to Cazorla and Agüero in time for the latter’s ban to lift.

This poor wildcard plummeted my overall rank to 1.5 millionth.. And really ruined my weekend.

-4pt GW4

The bad week led me to my first -4pt hit of my season. I did exactly the move I didn’t do in my wildcard bringing in Capoue and Lukaku. This was a risk made easier by the flippancy that seems to come with poor FPL performance. Here were the results:



The -4 really paid off, with my two new additions getting 22pts between them vs Lamela and Defoe’s combined 3pts. And this, the first strong gameweek of my season, catapulted my back up to 670k.

Still not an amazing OR, but a step in the right direction at long last.

-4pt GW5?

For all my successes in the last gameweek I totally trashed my plans to bring Agüero back in the process.

There was no clean swap for Ibrahimovic to Agüero so I’ve had to make an unthinkable move even more unthinkable. Not only have I dropped Ibra, but I’ve dropped Hazard and thrown another -4pt hit into the bargain. To beat the price rises/drops I’ve already made the moves, so don’t try to dissuade me, I’m already a goner.

I’m not huge on stats, only really paying attention to what I see on Twitter or hear in podcasts (The FF Surgery has its own valued stat-man). But you don’t need to know much to know that Agüero is worth getting back in. He is on form and coming back from what has essentially been a nice rest. He scored 3 against Mönchengladbach in the Champion’s League during that time and is facing Swansea this weekend.

What is harder to justify, however, is everything else I’ve done. Firmino looks good, faces Hull at home this weekend and missed the last game so should be fit and ready. Bringing him in for Hazard was hard though. Hazard blanked both of the two weeks I had him in my team, but has generally looked back to his old self this season. And Ibrahimovic, although slightly sluggish in his movement at times, is undoubtably capable of putting at least one in the net in the majority of matches he plays.


Therefore, the whole point of this piece isn’t to convince others that -4pt hits can work, or that the particular moves I’ve made are worth making. Instead, this is a message to the world to say, “I know what I’ve done is risky”. This way, if it all goes tits up I can point back to this and say I was definitely aware that the players I removed still had potential.

And if it all goes really well, I’ll never mention it again..


My team as it stands for GW6


Thank you for reading. This is only my second written piece.
I’ve drafted a new piece every week but not actually bothered to post it such was my disillusionment with Fantasy Football.
You can find me on Twitter @PadFul

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