33rdEpi – GW8 – Bully and Iceman unplanned


Thirty third episode of the Fantasy Football Surgery Podcast, the surgeons this week boast an injury list similar to that of the usual Arsenal Christmas period! With Parker, the Beard and Woodsy reporting injuries akin to Wilshere, Walcott and Welbeck, Bully and the Icemen are left like the ever present Bellerin and Ozil to pick up the pieces!


Join the dynamic duo as the Iceman’s consistently accurate stats are offset by the media discussions of the podcast host!


This week each upcoming post international break fixture is critiqued with a range of panel picks, differentials and a few ideas for captains offered.


There is a decidedly Belgium theme to discussion as the golden generation still appear to be in full force despite their early Euros exit, although one early season essential appears to have fallen somewhat from grace!


The game of the week Liverpool vs Man Utd brings to the fore some “must” have and “might” have attacking talent, with England’s finest in discussion… a discussion that the unfortunate Allardyce will no longer be having!


We answer your twitter questions and give the latest lowdown on the FPL mini league on this edition of the fantasy football surgery!

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Twitter – @FF_Surgery

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