34thEpi – GW9 – Bully and Iceman unplanned volume 2 (obviously)

Another week of injury ravaged surgeons prompts the continued chronicles of Bully and the Iceman. The feedback for the new pod fixture by fixture format was strong, so prepare to feast on the delicacies offered by the 10 course FPL upcoming fixture list!


The champions league exploits of the gunners prompt another Theo vs Sanchez debate but another Arsenal differential has caught Bully’s eye at a bargain price. Could he be your way into an Arsenal team bang on form and with favourable fixtures?


The Iceman makes a u-turn on the Hazard discussion but not without a strong almost Science based argument to justify the nature of this decision! Chelsea are somewhat unpredictable right now but the United fixture offers much to ponder.


Is the City ship starting to falter after no win in 2 games and one of which a spanking against Pep’s former employers? We debate this with Bully truly exasperated by the false economy of a certain £5million defender- you really do get what you pay for!


The Iceman has turned pro Bournemouth  and offers a sound argument for their inclusion, you won’t be surprised to hear Jack Wheelchair’s name mentioned but what of his midfield colleagues? And are we witnessing the emergence of an FPL must have of the last campaign?


A few other debates are put to scrutiny: Do you jump on the Austin bandwagon? Is it time to ditch Ibra? Are Leicester the new “must not” haves? And finally one twitter follower is in a state of panic after a bad game week!


If you are in agony, let this counselling duo be your aunt as we ponder the most important question in life “what should my FPL team line up like this weekend!”

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