35thEpi -GW10 – All evens at the top


Join Bully and the Iceman for another week of FPL fixture planning as all 10 Premier League games are scrutinised and debated!


Chelsea made quite a statement against their old manager at the weekend. Are United merely the ghost of David Moyes or is there some Alex Ferguson in the old dog yet? It would not appear so for Wayne Rooney but what of Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Chelsea’s new formation offers some promising pics for FPL managers and a new signing is really catching Bully and the Iceman’s attention. Also do we owe a further apology for a certain Belgium? City continue on their downturn in form but are they due a big week? Should you be moving away from Kun? Is it time to think Sane? Is John Stones ever going to break 20 points? We discuss this at length with a difficult tie at West Brom in the making.


Liverpool on the team on everyone’s lips right now after another win against the Baggies. Equal amounts of interest from the surgeons as you listeners. Do we need two Liverpool midfielders…or three even? And where are the points going next on in this spread Liverpool midfield?


As usual Hull City are disrespected but Leicester are back in the thinking again. A certain Algerian forms Bully’s future strike force thinking.


With all fixtures covered we select our captains and answer your questions from Twitter, Reddit and all sorts of interesting places across the globe where the Iceman has been working his marketing magic!


Join us once more for the FPL Surgery Podcast!

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Twitter – @FF_Surgery

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