38thEpi – GW12 – Chorley Rocks the surgeons: part 2


Paul Morgan returns for the second part of our stats fuelled international break filler. Has the past week changes the mindset of the surgeons with a feast of glorious FPL fixtures on the horizon? One surgeon got a little excited and jumped rather early… find out who is filled with the same regret as a Wayne Rooney hotel night out!


The remaining 5 game week fixtures are reviewed. Sunderland surprisingly offers some promising picks for the medium term. Is Defoe the way to go?


Some of you may be panicking with the news of 2 Chelsea superstar injuries. Find out what the surgeons are thinking on this key issue and if alternatives are in the thinking. What is certain is Boro are less than favourable this week and the Chelsea wing backs look like long term winners!


The battle of London promotes an interesting dilemma, with the leaky West Ham defence set to face a mercurial Spurs side with their international players in fine form. The Iceman is refreshingly balanced on this one!


All remaining fixtures, captains choices and your Twitter questions are answered on part 2 of Chorley Rocks the Surgeons!

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