40thEpi – GW14 – The book of Zaha

JNO United joins the surgeons again and he’s brought his Wilfred Zaha gloating novel! His shout from 4 weeks ago has gone from strength to strength as real FPL differential but will he back him after that harrowing Palace loss!

Manchester City vs Chelsea looks to have goals written all over it so who are the surgeons calling other than the obvious and is there any defenders you could take a punt on?

Manchester United stumble on but the partnership of Pogba and Ibra looks fruitful, see what value the surgeons think you can place in these two and one potential sleeping giant according to JNO.

The big debate this week is who do you swap Coutinho for after that nasty injury? Many a name is mentioned with a few standing out for the panel.

We update on our mini-league top 10, the Iceman’s cup, answer your social media questions and generally welcome in the festive period with an avalanche of knowledge!

Join us as we turn 40 on the Fantasy Football Surgery Podcast!
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