42ndEpi – GW16 – Garden of green

42ndEpi – GW16 – Garden of green


It’s the first of the busy Christmas festive FPL period fixtures and to treat the listeners we thought we would give you all a bonus pod with our shouts for the mid-week games. Short term options are always tempting in this time but which players offer that beautiful garden of green fixtures on the semi-functioning FPL app and slightly more consistent website?


Manchester City were taken apart by Manchester City. A wandering Kolarov and hapless John Stones may be ok against the lesser BPL teams but when a hungry Jamie Vardy turns up it is a very different story! Do City offer them same promise in the absence of Kun and is this Vardy performance the start of something special or just another band wagon?

Sanchez has been discussed until we are blue in the face in the last few game weeks but does a free scoring Arsenal offer economic alternatives? We have a few in mind! Chelsea are also bagging points at will but can you look beyond Costa for this game week?


With KDB and Firmino failing to live up to current expectation, we discuss alternatives. Have you been thinking about Payet? Siggy? Mane? Well we go one better and actually discuss them!


We ponder your questions from social media and update on highly coveted FF Surgery Cup on this episode of the Fantasy Football Surgery Podcast- UP THE PODCAST!

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Twitter – @FF_Surgery


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