45thEpi – GW21 – with Yahoo writer FPL General

Stand to attention and take note as the surgeons become FPL battlefield medics with the FPL General. A thriving twitter account and regular on the podcast merry go round promise plenty of great advice added to the usual surgery knowledge bombs!

For the first time Kun’s inclusion isnt guaranteed, and he bares the risk of suspension Guardiola continues to baffle with team selection. Is he essential?

Another hot topic is the return of Ake to Chelsea. Is this a cheap way into the rock solid blue backline or do FPL managers need to make a snap transfer? The Iceman offers a caution for owners!

We return to the discussion of great value defenders, midfield gems and which of the big hitters up to you need in your team. All this and we still find time to answer your social media questions on this military episode of the Fantasy Football Surgery Podcast! #upthepod
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