47thEpi – GW23 – captain conundrum

Join the surgeons with special guest Tom Campbell as all the upcoming game week hot topics are put to the sword! The panel are fairly agreed on the must have player for the coming game weeks is but do Spurs offer more essentials with their run of fixtures? A surprising admission by Gooner Bully suggests this may be the case!

TC is loving the Everton back line right now and he sparks a Baines vs Coleman debate, at a similar price but offering different skill sets, who will the panel settle on? Not interested in the full backs? Well we have many other defensive options in mind!

We all love a cheap fifth midfielder and the surgeons think a gem may be emerging in from the rough of the January transfer window! Will this one enable some big hitters in your side with the extra cash?

We announce our cup winner, review the mini league, answer your social media questions and exchange pleasantries on this edition of the Fantasy Football Surgery!Please join the Fantasy Football Surgery Podcast league 17603-6718
Twitter – @FF_Surgery
Email – ffsurgerypodcast@yahoo.com

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