52ndEpi – GW28 – Small haystack…smaller needle!

With only 4 FPL fixtures on offer this game week, finding viable options is like looking in a small haystack for an even smaller needle! Fortunately FPL community regular Sid joins all the way from India to help the surgeons find a range of players for this slender game week.

How many players are acceptable for GW28 is going to be the question on many of your lips? We discuss this with Side providing some great statistical insight into what you should be aiming for.

Liverpool appear the most tempting side on offer with a home fixture against a Burnley side that have been awful on the road. Who will you pick from their star front 3? Swansea’s superstar front 2 in Siggy and Llorente have been tearing up the league in the last few weeks but should you double up and do the Swans provide any options at the back? Will the impressive and Everton and WBA fixture stick to form or offer little more than a deadlock? And do Bournemouth and West Ham offer anything more than a stalemate?

Find out as we get down to business in another episode of the Fantasy Football Surgery Podcast
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