54thEpi – GW30 – What the Fuchs?

This week the surgeons are joined by not only old member Charlie Parker, but FF_Surgery cup winner Simon Garner as we go over the announcement of DGW34 and what to do over the international break.
Also joined in a short interview with the founders of the new FPL mag @fantasyfootymag where we discuss the reasons behind the project and what’s to come from this exciting new feature to the FPL world.
There are disagreements on the Leicester back four between the Iceman and the mug……winner Simon, and the Leicester front man gets some recognition. The lemons are dished out again as Parker mentions the quiz, whilst with all the talk regarding his contract Bully gets confused what club Lukaku actually plays for.
Another poll goes up on twitter to find out what you listeners are doing with your wildcard as a lot of chat is regarding the WC and how to use it for these upcoming DGW’s.
All this and more as we cover the upcoming fixtures for GW30.

Please join the Fantasy Football Surgery Podcast league 17603-6718
Twitter – @FF_Surgery
Email – ffsurgerypodcast@yahoo.com
See fantaysfootballmag.com also to download the new FPL magazine for FREE

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