58th(a)Epi – DGW34 – DGW teams chat – IbraDoubleVic

58th(a)Epi – DGW34 – DGW teams chat – IbraDoubleVic
Join the surgeons and esteemed FPL community guest Alex Ball (@alexwaterbaby) with in-depth discussions regarding the DGW, with what players are best for selection from the teams with a DGW. Are we going all in on the DGW teams? Ready to take big hits to fill our squads? Or looking at some single GW players?
Ibra is hot on our lips again even after scoring 0 points in the last GW – do we feel Rashford will take his place going forward? Is an ex Man City forward the answer to your problems?

This pod has a bumper edition to it where we go through all the other fixtures, our captain picks and twitter questions for this DGW34 – see 58th(b)Epi – DGW34 – Fixtures + twitter q’s

Twitter – @FF_Surgery
Email – ffsurgerypodcast@yahoo.com

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