59thEpi – GW35 – Survived the DGW? How about another two! WC chat

The surgeons are joined by Peter Blake (@artemidorus_1), FPL statistical whiz and a regular in the twitter community. He, Bully and the Iceman discuss the fallout from DGW34. Have the surgeons come through unscathed or is their performance going to damage their run ins?!


Having spent weeks anticipating the double exploits of Boro, Palace and Utd, we plan for DGW36 and DGW37. Should you invest in Southampton and Arsenal sides that have 4 games in a 2 week period, or is this just false economy? Each surgeon has their own view.


We answer your questions including who the ideal striking line up would be for the run in, which individual players would drop DGWers and which defenders can you bank on for this period?


All this and more in this week’s Fantasy Football Surgery Podcast! #upthepod



Twitter – @FF_Surgery

Email – ffsurgerypodcast@yahoo.com

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