What the Slackers Say – GW3

This week we have pod summaries and gameweek plans from Alan Duffin, Stephan Haugsrud and Romfrosk.

Alan Duffin
Rank last season: 19,248  |  Highest rank: 19,248

Excellent pod fellas, confirmed my thoughts in that with an already strong squad I don’t need to wildcard right now. Tor Mikkel Tokvam’s algorithm saying that really only Pukki and Martial are the boats I’ve missed is good to hear (and concerning to hear). A little surprised that Tor Mikkel Tokvam doesn’t see Harry Kane as much of a worry if you don’t have him as he is my biggest concern at not owning.Interestingly enough it was GW3 last season that prices exploded and the panel believe Team Value could play big part this season, the flip side being they also say the best managers don’t really worry about team value. 👌 All over it guys #UpThePod

Stephan Haugsrud
Rank last season: 1,710  |  Highest rank: 1,710

Great pod. Tor Mikkel Tokvam was a great guest. Confident in his assessments and very polite in shooting down the Iceman’s transfers. After listening to this I should worry more about pulling the WC early, but at the same time, team value = points and at least there’s that. I like that we finally have a number we can put on team value. Extra selling value of 0.1 = 2 points.

And what the hell was that MadHatter segment? Had me laughing 😂 #UpThePod


Another week, another great pod.

@Tor Mikkel Tokvam will be a great partner for the pod with loads of stats behind his selections and talking points. I enjoyed the talk about template becoming so diverse. with loads of options in most positions.

Making me more happy about my choices during my early WC. The Salah/Mané talk has swayed me to use Salah instead, which was surprising; can’t argue against solid stats over time.

But how is the question I like that new names get thrown into the mix on the pod, with a little bitter taste, as I know have more players to “worry” about. The quality for both the hosts and guests on this post is just so superior to other pods I used to listen to. FPL Surgery is now the only “Must listen” pod in my opinion.

Great work! #UpThePod

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