What the Slackers Say – GW4

This week we have pod summaries and gameweek plans from Alan Duffin, Alex Ball, Helmo and Romfrosk.

Alan Duffin
Rank last season: 19,248  |  Highest rank: 19,248

The pod just gets better. Everyone gives an objective view and really makes you think and consider any decisions you are yet to make on transfers. Don’t make any transfers – unless you absolutely have to – without listening to these guys 🎧 👍 .Great to hear @Banana Nose Maldonado – Matt on, excellent stuff and smoother than Shaggy. Much love to Bret up in Coffs Harbour 💓

Alex Ball
Rank last season: 500k  |  Best rank: 3k

Simply stunning. From the excellent advice of @Banana Nose Maldonado – Matt @Stephan @Iceman @Bully to @fpl_sexy’s sad reflection on his best mate to @MadHatter’s comedy ending. Seriously what’s not to love? 💓

Rank Last season: 58,788  |  Best rank: 4

Excellent pod guys, appreciate your efforts, happy,sad, insightful, informative and funny. @Banana Nose Maldonado – Matt was a brilliant addition to crowd and I definitely think the 4 surgeon pod panel dynamic works really well. Especially pleased to have my 3rd related food question (favorite crisp flavor, preferred sandwich and now the condiment debate) asked on the pod and impressed with @Bully’s enthusiasm for the great chip debate. I’ve got another one lined up but I don’t want you greedy guts gorging too much on the food related questions so I’ll hold it back for a couple of pods time.

A lovely bittersweet ending to the pod – deepest sympathies to both @fpl_sexy and the wife of @MadHatter in equal measures 💓 UP THE POD 💓

Rank last season (1st season): 800k  |  Highest rank: 800k

Another week with a great pod.

Serious discussions between all of you. and all had their own reasons backing up their opinions.

The guests are just supreme quality with both @Stephan and @Banana Nose Maldonado – Matt. Keep em coming. @fpl_sexy “Sexy Thoughts” certainly gave me a tear or two as well; all the best for you and your family. Sending lots of love your way. I did for a little while think you’d agree on the “longest” question there 😛 Maybe next week 😃 beeeeeeep Beeeep *BEEEEEP

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