What the Slackers Say – IB Special

It’s been a few weeks but we’re back with What the Slackers Say. This week the slackers will be reviewing the special Patreon pod where the Surgery guys interviewed Stephen Helm. Known to the Slackers as Helmo, he achieved an incredible overall ranking of 4th place in the season of 2011/12. The surgeons interview Helmo and find out what he did to achieve that amazing overall rank.

Alan Duffin
Current Rank: 260k | Highest FPL rank: 3k

@Iceman@Bully and @HelmoI got the chance to listen to the Patreon pod whilst driving home from work today and found it very refreshing seeing as we’re currently in an international break. I haven’t been playing FPL seriously for anything like the number of years you guys have so I really wasn’t aware of all the changes there have been, especially in regard to there used to being 1 transfer per week. I throughly enjoyed all of it. I’m a form and fixtures man like yourself Helmo and as you know have my own data analysis into transfer selections. I agree with the every changing circumstances therefore I rarely plan greater than 4 weeks ahead but it’s just simply great to get different insights into people’s thinking. Shame about the RvP Week 37 haul but your 4th place is truly magnificent. The final part regarding mental health was excellent. FPL can be the devil at times as it saps so much out of us and therefore tensions can run high but you’re right this slack channel is a haven and some are on a lot, some not so much and some sporadic. @Iceman accepts all sorts :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:.

Thanks for the pod fellas, you all put so much effort into what you do and it’s just a pleasure to be a part of it all as a listener and to have the ability to respond and give credit where it’s due.I look forward to more surprises over the season. Once the International Break is over we really head into an intense period of FPL during the silly season, it’s back to back all the way till January so a wee bit of rest now is just what’s required. Thanks again Helmo – great insight :blush:

Alex Ball

Current Rank: 712k | Highest FPL rank: 3k

Helmo absolutely loved your podcast appearance with Bully and Iceman. I really related to what you talked about; similar age and length of time playing the game (although you kick my arse best rank wise!) Really enjoyed the trip down FPL memory lane; brought back memories. I’m a bit of a purist so enjoyed it pre chips and even vice-captains! Really interested to hear your take on mindfulness. As I was a teacher for 15 years and I now work with children aged 5 to 15 with learning and behaviour needs. Some of them come from a background involving trauma which is really hard for all concerned. I’ll often incorporate mindfulness into the classroom to support that child but also the rest of the class. I also find I’m someone who spends a lot of time taking in FPL noise and I think it has showed in a downturn in form over the last few season. I really liked your call on copying @Nick (Triggerlips)’s idea of going old-school with pen and paper. How do you filter the noise and choose where and when to listen? Final point, I was very surprised to hear your accent as I’d assumed you where Scandinavia with your name :joy:Thanks again!

And of course a massive thank you and well done to Iceman and Bully


Really enjoyed the pod Helmo :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: never heard Bully & Iceman so quiet before…. great stuff!Some great advice on switching off and being in the moment. Will you be my life coach?!

Current Rank: 156k | Highest FPL rank: 92,638

10/10 for that pod. Perfect for the IB. Part 3 and 4 could be on every pod imo. Great job guys!

Current Rank: 68k | Highest FPL rank: 2k

Smashed it guys. Really really interesting and lots of nostalgia. It’s weird as once Helmo started talking through it you realise how crazy coming 4th is… FOURTH!

The Hitman
Current Rank: 2.3m | Highest FPL rank: 11k

Great pod Helmo, Iceman, Bully. I just got around to listening to it today. That was probably the most enjoyable pod of the season for me as I was able to relate to a lot of it. The discussion around how the game affects your mental health I very much appreciated as it is something I have been thinking myself the past few weeks because I’ve been doing so badly and have let this game affect my mood at times. It’s very important as you say to take a step back whether it’s going for a walk, staying away from screens or other mediums such as yoga or meditation or exercise in general. I also have taken on board your advice this season of not listening to too many podcasts because as you say too many opinions and overinformation can move you away from your instincts and it always feels better if you go with your instincts as you are more comfortable with the decision yourself.  Great job Helmo!


Excellent pod Helmo, Iceman, Bully. :+1::clap:
Yeah spying on other teams’ transfers made was a thing till very recently, glad they took that away haha
I second that advice re switching off for the weekend / focusing on one thing at a time! Tried the MOTD challenge a couple of times but I either am impatient and check scores during the weekend, or my mate trolls me each time CHO makes a cameo off the bench :expressionless: maybe I need to switch off Whatsapp or find better mates :laughing:
Great advice re the end of the season, if I understood correctly, triple captaining Robin van Persie will be key!

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