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What the Slackers Say – GW4

This week we have pod summaries and gameweek plans from Alan Duffin, Alex Ball, Helmo and Romfrosk.

Alan Duffin
Rank last season: 19,248  |  Highest rank: 19,248

The pod just gets better. Everyone gives an objective view and really makes you think and consider any decisions you are yet to make on transfers. Don’t make any transfers – unless you absolutely have to – without listening to these guys 🎧 👍 .Great to hear @Banana Nose Maldonado – Matt on, excellent stuff and smoother than Shaggy. Much love to Bret up in Coffs Harbour 💓

Alex Ball
Rank last season: 500k  |  Best rank: 3k

Simply stunning. From the excellent advice of @Banana Nose Maldonado – Matt @Stephan @Iceman @Bully to @fpl_sexy’s sad reflection on his best mate to @MadHatter’s comedy ending. Seriously what’s not to love? 💓

Rank Last season: 58,788  |  Best rank: 4

Excellent pod guys, appreciate your efforts, happy,sad, insightful, informative and funny. @Banana Nose Maldonado – Matt was a brilliant addition to crowd and I definitely think the 4 surgeon pod panel dynamic works really well. Especially pleased to have my 3rd related food question (favorite crisp flavor, preferred sandwich and now the condiment debate) asked on the pod and impressed with @Bully’s enthusiasm for the great chip debate. I’ve got another one lined up but I don’t want you greedy guts gorging too much on the food related questions so I’ll hold it back for a couple of pods time.

A lovely bittersweet ending to the pod – deepest sympathies to both @fpl_sexy and the wife of @MadHatter in equal measures 💓 UP THE POD 💓

Rank last season (1st season): 800k  |  Highest rank: 800k

Another week with a great pod.

Serious discussions between all of you. and all had their own reasons backing up their opinions.

The guests are just supreme quality with both @Stephan and @Banana Nose Maldonado – Matt. Keep em coming. @fpl_sexy “Sexy Thoughts” certainly gave me a tear or two as well; all the best for you and your family. Sending lots of love your way. I did for a little while think you’d agree on the “longest” question there 😛 Maybe next week 😃 beeeeeeep Beeeep *BEEEEEP


What the Slackers Say – GW3

This week we have pod summaries and gameweek plans from Alan Duffin, Stephan Haugsrud and Romfrosk.

Alan Duffin
Rank last season: 19,248  |  Highest rank: 19,248

Excellent pod fellas, confirmed my thoughts in that with an already strong squad I don’t need to wildcard right now. Tor Mikkel Tokvam’s algorithm saying that really only Pukki and Martial are the boats I’ve missed is good to hear (and concerning to hear). A little surprised that Tor Mikkel Tokvam doesn’t see Harry Kane as much of a worry if you don’t have him as he is my biggest concern at not owning.Interestingly enough it was GW3 last season that prices exploded and the panel believe Team Value could play big part this season, the flip side being they also say the best managers don’t really worry about team value. 👌 All over it guys #UpThePod

Stephan Haugsrud
Rank last season: 1,710  |  Highest rank: 1,710

Great pod. Tor Mikkel Tokvam was a great guest. Confident in his assessments and very polite in shooting down the Iceman’s transfers. After listening to this I should worry more about pulling the WC early, but at the same time, team value = points and at least there’s that. I like that we finally have a number we can put on team value. Extra selling value of 0.1 = 2 points.

And what the hell was that MadHatter segment? Had me laughing 😂 #UpThePod


Another week, another great pod.

@Tor Mikkel Tokvam will be a great partner for the pod with loads of stats behind his selections and talking points. I enjoyed the talk about template becoming so diverse. with loads of options in most positions.

Making me more happy about my choices during my early WC. The Salah/Mané talk has swayed me to use Salah instead, which was surprising; can’t argue against solid stats over time.

But how is the question I like that new names get thrown into the mix on the pod, with a little bitter taste, as I know have more players to “worry” about. The quality for both the hosts and guests on this post is just so superior to other pods I used to listen to. FPL Surgery is now the only “Must listen” pod in my opinion.

Great work! #UpThePod

What the Slackers Say – GW2

It was good to be reminded that scorelines don’t always tell the whole story and the surgeons plus guest provided excellent analysis.

David Munday was great guest who is clearly very knowledgable about football and FPL but is also able to verbalise his thoughts in a concise and easily digestible way.
I’ll be holding my transfer this week as by the end of GW2 we’ll know a little more about player form.


Gameweek 1 Reviews

From time to time we will be posting gameweek reviews from the FPL Surgery Slackers. This week we have reviews from Luke Jerdy (18/19 rank: 9,009), Stephan Haugsrud (18/19 rank: 1,710) and the Iceman (18/19 rank: 2,243).

Jerdy’s Watchlist

Here is a list of players that have caught Luke’s eye from GW1.

Pukki – great first touch and finish, caused the best defence for clean sheets last season lots of problems. Could he be the best option at £6.5m? More time to assess as they play Chelsea and City in the next 4.

Buendia – lovely pass for the Pukki goal, he looks confident on the ball, decent price but would prefer him at £5.5

KdB – one of the best players on the pitch, looks well up for this season and wants to make up for lost time. Firmly in my thoughts.

Trezeguet – got in the right areas for Villa and had a few chances. Remains to be seen if he is clinical enough. Subbed off at 58 mins, will earn him a shout out on the General’s pod.

McGinn – lovely run and finish, he was everywhere. Could be a great £5.5 enabler.

Kane – Harry doing what Harry does, primarily causing me a headache. Took his goals well, he’s fresh, he’s hungry. 25-30 goals looks to be a good bet. Can we fit him in with Sterling and Salah? Sacrifices would have to be made elsewhere, at the moment I don’t fancy playing Lundstram!

Femenia – will be interested to see his stats, looked lively at RB for Watford. Can’t see them keeping CS though.

Zaha – is he better than Siggy for a £1.0 saving? He is the type of player that will want to force someone into paying £80m+ for him in the next window. Very interested in Wilf.

Rico – nice option at £4.0? Took some set-pieces. Won’t be interested until first wildcard if he can hold down a place in their team.

Barnes – he has improved his goal tally every year and from this evidence he could get more than 12 this season. Really good finisher, could become the best £6.5 option quite quickly. From GW5-14 Burnley only play Chelsea from the top-6. Oosh!

Stephan’s GW1 Saturday Review

What the Slackers Say – GW1

Welcome to a brand new feature on the FPL Surgery Podcast website. What the Slackers Say will be a weekly article of comments and summaries from FPL Surgery Slack members about that week’s podcast. These will include individual highlights from the podcast and will help FPL players make their team decisions. There is wealth of knowledge and talent in the FPL Slack and a number of players who have consistently achieved ranks inside the top 1% in FPL.

Here’s what some of the Slackers have got to say leading up to GW1…

Alan Duffin

Rank last season: 19,248  |  Highest rank: 19,248

Excellent pod which will turn heads, Stephan has a very similar mindset to Stephen Toumi. 🙂

Alex Ball
Rank last season: 500k  |  Best rank: 3k

I liked the calm rationale given to each position as they talked through their current drafts and alternative options. I’ve listened to a lot of pods pre-season and this kept me interested right to the end. An excellent listen.


Rank last season: 478,189  |  Highest rank: 92,638

The idea of a King and Wilson double up, made my week, or at least made my team make sense. In addition I like Stephan‘s eye for greedy players like Jota.

Captain Kingpin
Rank last season: 119,513Highest rank: 21,777 (2017/18)

My main takeaway from the pod was to put out a team that was flexible so that I can jump on to in-form players easily. I had too much invested in defence and have shifted some cash into midfield/ up front.


Rank Last season: 58,788  |  Best rank: 4 🙂 (2011/2012)

An all encompassing pod this week, essential pre GW1 listening.Specific key messages – which stats to look at (something I’ve rarely used previously but is become part and parcel of the game) and how using that information alongside the eye test is integral to choosing players. Avoiding too many punts in GW1 and to a certain extent aligning with highly owned players that fit into your structure will allow a solid start – as both said you can’t win FPL in the first few GWs but being too maverick early on can be really damaging. Finally the Wilson/King approach was a really innovative solution to a tricky issue which I don’t think many people would have considered previously. Great work and good luck to all for the forthcoming FPL season.

Luke Jerdy

Rank last season: 9,009  |  Highest rank: 9,009

Latest pod was GREAT. Very happy to be convinced on Ayoze Perez and the Wilson/King double up. I don’t see Siggy as a risk he was one of the first to be nailed in my team, I think Everton will start well. Up the pod!

Last Season Rank 25,217  |  Best Rank 25,217

First season I’ve played all year and not given up a couple of months in. Now fully addicted! Still sore about triple captain on Sane last year :'(. I think eye tests and being patient for players in form to haul is important.

Rank last season: 8,726  |  Highest rank: 8,414

Hugely useful pod this week. You can get people on pods telling you certain players are must-haves. Only the surgery will tell you why, backed up with credible evidence. They forgot the mighty Benteke this week, though 😉
Edit: don’t publish the Benteke bit unless he gets a brace

Rank last season (1st season): 800k  |  Highest rank: 800k

The discussions and clarification of why you should be aware of highly owned fodder was informative. were following it for def, but not fwds.
as mentioned by others this is by far the most informative, and thought through pod. with evidence, stats, eye-tests ++ to support your choices of players both on your team(s) as well as on the watchlist. Also “The Algorithm” part will be very interesting to hear as the season progress. glad you got him in. 🙂


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