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43rdEpi – GW17 – with injury expert Ben Dinnery


The surgeons are joined by FPL community injury guru Ben Dinnery. Ben has long been the go to man for all things FPL injuries and the surgeons welcome him to an extensive chat about FPL and the true world of injuries. If you have ever wondered how BPL injuries are managed and what go into the thinking behind 50/75% ratings, the answers are hear!


Ben and the surgeons review the midweek Christmas fixtures and discuss the upcoming gameweek fixtures with some huge ties between City and Arsenal, and the Merseyside derby! Has FPL become an attack biased tactical game this year or is there still value in the defence? The Iceman has strong feelings over this!


We are answer your twitters questions, call the captain of the week and overwhelmingly talk all things injury in this special edition of the Fantasy Football Surgery Podcast!

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