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What the Slackers Say – GW6

We’re back! After a couple of weeks break we have great pod and gameweek summaries from the Bard and Captain Kingpin.

Rank last season: 478,189  |  Highest rank: 92,638

First of all, thank you so much @Bully and @Iceman for another great episode. @FPL Houghts is such a great addition to the pod, but also the entertainment that comes with him. Really enjoyed this one. Thanks guys!

Selected notes:

Big at the back is dead…
…at least until Laporte or Alisson are back. Budget options mentioned on the pod: Tomori (4.5m) and Soyuncu (4.6m). It’s important to monitor Chelsea’s defense rotation before picking Tomori. Other options are AMN, Vertonghen Pieters, AWB, Maguire and Rico (at a neatly 4.0m). Spurs’ fullbacks are also interesting, but more information regarding rotation is needed.

Chill out fpl mates!
Iceman gave a calming, almost paternal, chillout speech. Speaking for myself, it was heavily needed. Houghts added a pointer of sticking to one’s plan. Review notes and your thinking. Don’t go overboard chasing points. In addition to his calming words, Iceman also pointed out how close the rankings are at the moment. Green arrows are coming..

The 90 second debate: Son vs. Kane
Loved this segment, although @FPL Houghts kind of rhetorically bullied @Iceman there 🙂 it’s Son for me as well.

Iceman is moving out of double LFC defense
I did long ago, so I guess now I can sell TAA as well, or…

Captain Kingpin
Rank last season: 119k  |  Highest rank: 21k

Another excellent podcast from the surgery guys and regular guest FPL Houghts. FPL Houghts mixes his in depth football knowledge with passion and enthusiasm to deliver a very listenable pod. His Son-Kane debate with the @Iceman was great to hear and I look forward to more debates in the future.

I’m going to be keeping hold of my premium assets and keeping faith in Sterling who has hit the woodwork twice in the last week. #heisdue

Up the pod!

32ndEpi – GW6 – Kevin De B******!

Thirty second episode of the Fantasy Football Surgery Podcast, another game week and another weekend of twists and turns in the Barclays Premier League, although one club remaining on the straight and narrow is the sky blue half of Manchester. KDB has been the delight of many FPL managers but the torment of others in the absence of the soon to return Kun Aguero. Which surgeons gambled to profitable effect on the mercurial Belgium, is he worth putting in arguably 3 weeks too late and finally can he be accommodated with Kun?


Do you go for Kevin De Bruyne or Sergio Kun Aguero? Or both?

The return of Woodsy brings with it the usual shenanigans and some obscure picks…but has he called a gem this week?! Stats, facts, form and even a little history to boot!


The pod welcomes back community regular and common sense talking Tom Campbell- a rarity for the Beard absent surgeons! As discussion turns to the defensive crisis in FPL this season TC makes some fine shouts with Everton strongly in mind.


The differentials is shaken up with the briefly improving Bully finding himself carrying the weight of the surgeons. Has the Iceman’s stat analysis paid off?


Captains choice appears unanimous as one may guess given the a certain returning front man but not with lout a few differential ideas thrown in for good measure- will you dare gamble against Kun?!


We answer your twitter questions as Woodsy brings back news of his social media travels and an idea for a memoir based spin off!


Got an hour to kill? Commuting to work? Lost without a clue who to pick in your side this weekend? We’ve got you covered in this week’s surgery!

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