The Surgeons




A late starter with the pod in the 2015-2016 season, Parkers impressive top 300 in the world finish earned him a place in the surgery team. Parker like the Beard relies on common sense and insider knowledge for his decision making, remaining consistent and watching others falter. He is a dinner lady by day (sports nutritionist!) and knows how to serve up a feast of options to earn you FPL side points. Strangely however Parker is garbage when it comes to the Iceman’s quiz and his overall loss last season handicapped his start to this campaign with the inclusion of Cattermole!



The social media specialist of the pod, Woodsy represents everything classic of the indecisive and ever doubting FPL manager! Most of us can relate to his weekly conundrums and blinded bias towards his beloved West Ham. If Giroud or Martial is the obvious pic then Woodsy will probably opt for Carroll! Having said that, sometimes his emotionally driven selections results in big scores and some real gems! Woodsy brings the fun, humour, and outright outrageous to the pod!



The podcast host combining a selection of creative intros with humour that goes down like a lead balloon. Bully is the poor man’s Adrian Durham, with a long history FPL management that ranges from the glorious to the outright failure! Another Arsenal fan like the Iceman may bias a few decisions towards North London! The opposite to Parker with a fine history of victories in the Iceman’s quiz and overall champion in 2015-2016!



The hard working FPL manager’s hero, the Beard tells it as it is and pulls no punches with his decisions. His ongoing rivalry for supremacy with Parker makes for fascinating listening as mutual respect is underpinned by wanting the upper hand! After many years under the radar following the demise of Manchester United’s golden generation, he’s very much back on his pedestal supporting the likes of Ibra, Pogba and Martial at United. If you are a common sense manager listen to the Beard!



The CEO, editor in chief, managing director, dictator, Arsene Wenger and more impressively the brain child of the podcast! He gained his reputation as the Iceman for his love of frosty climates and cool decision making in FPL. A strong background in the beautiful game representing Southampton academy in his youth and to this day a solid all-rounder on the pitch. The Iceman relies on his statistical prowess, using evidence to influence his transfers and team selection. Got a question? The Iceman’s probably got a stat for you! A militant Arsenal fan so don’t expect too many Spurs panel pics!

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